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    The Economic Impact of Ebola

    August is the peak of the lean season when imported rice is transported throughout the country to fill food needs. The Government cordon in Kenema and Kailahun has the potential to interrupt this flow of food. While the Government and its partners have been bringing food into the districts impacted by the cordon it is critical to monitor whether this food is reaching rural markets. In addition, if informal traders reduce their activity for fear of infection prices of food could rise even in areas with lower rates of infection. We therefore worked with Innovations for Poverty Action to...

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    Assessing the economic effects of Ebola

    Phil Thornton

    The outbreak of Ebola has highlighted the need for economists to assess the impact of the crisis. Very tentative findings by researchers at the International Growth Centre have flagged up warning signs on jobs, sales and the state of food markets In the midst of a severe health emergency such as the outbreak of Ebola that has struck the West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, it is clear the first priority must be to help the sick and contain the spread of the disease. But it is equally clear that the economies of these countries will be devastated. The numbers of...

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    Call for Proposals (Ebola)

    The International Growth Centre (IGC) is issuing a call for proposals for research and design on the economics of the Ebola outbreak, under the IGC’s Liberia and Sierra Leone Country Programmes. Early analysis indicates that the economic costs of the epidemic will be significant, and the economic aspects of the crisis—including panic, a loss in confidence, a reduction in market interactions, a breakdown in formal systems and institutions, reduced supply of essential goods, and potentially increased prices—will require economic logic and research. We invite expressions of interest...