The International Growth Centre (IGC) is an economic research network that aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries through demand-led policy advice based on frontier research. It is run by the London School of Economics in collaboration with the University of Oxford and has presence in 15 countries across Africa and South Asia.

The IGC Ghana country programme was initiated in 2009 after extensive consultations with key stakeholders in government, academia, policy think-tanks and civil society. It is led by Dr. Nii Sowa (Country Director), Dr. Sam Mensah (Co-Country Director) and Prof. Christopher Udry (Lead Academic). Since its inception, IGC Ghana has funded a number of high quality research projects in the areas of macroeconomic stability, agricultural productivity, private sector development, education and skills acquisition and natural resource management. It has achieved notable success through projects such as the Enterprise Map of Ghana, events that brought together top researchers and policymakers and continued engagement with policy stakeholders in the country.

Housed in the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research at the University of Ghana, Legon, IGC Ghana is in a unique position to engage with top researchers in Ghana and across the world to provide ideas for growth to the Ghanaian government.



This leaflet outlines the work
of IGC Ghana.

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