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    Smart policy for women's economic empowerment

    Despite its recent economic growth, many South Asian economies continue to see relatively poor – and in some cases, declining – indicators for women’s social and economic empowerment. Yet research shows that women’s access to financial resources is correlated with their overall empowerment and benefits others in the household, notably children. At the same time,...

    23 March 2017

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    Trade policy roundtable

    IGC Rwanda will be co-hosting a policy round-table with the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MINEACOM) on March 28th in Kigali. Three IGC experts on trade, Dave Donaldson (Stanford University), Eric Verhoogen (Columbia University) and John Spray (Cambridge University), will be presenting and discussing pressing policy questions. The meeting will start with...

    28 March 2017

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    FDI, SMEs, firm growth, and trade in East Africa

    Strong and competitive firms form the core of economic activity. They contribute to economic development through job creation, higher government revenue, and increased wealth and well-being of society. Although firms, FDI, and trade already play an important role in the development of East Africa, the region has not yet tapped into its full potential. In addition, the...

    29 March 2017

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    IGC panel - REPOA annual research conference

    The IGC will present a panel discussion at the REPOA annual research conference, taking place on March 30 in Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania). The overall theme of this year's conference will be “Institutions and Industrialization”. The Tanzania PM will be the guest of honour and policy makers, politicians, research donor partners and other senior civil servants will also...

    30 March 2017

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    IGC/CEPR Labour and Entrepreneurship Conference

    IGC, in cooperation with CEPR, will host a conference on labour and entrepreneurship on 4th and 5th May at the London School of Economics. This conference  will provide a forum for high quality research in the field of labour economics and entrepreneurship; it will bring together top academics to present new ideas and discuss the future direction of research....

    4 May 2017