The International Growth Centre (IGC) aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries by providing demand-led policy advice based on frontier research.

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  • Women - Ethiopia (310x150)

    Cash: a simple remedy for domestic violence?

    Johannes Haushofer, Catherine Thomas

    In South Asia, 42% of women experience intimate parent violence. In Sub-Saharan Africa, that number ranges from 30% up to 66%. Research from Kenya shows that simple direct cash...

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  • Kenya - Malaria - Health (310x150)

    A balancing act: Subsidising treatment for Malaria

    Simone Schaner

    Public subsidies may be an effective way to increase access to antimalarial drugs in sub-Saharan Africa, but large subsidies are accompanied by the risk of overtreatment - the...

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  • India water pollution

    Switching to sanitation in South Asia: A study of...

    Diane Coffey, Dean Spears

    Sanitation is crucial for health and financial prosperity, and thus economic growth 70% of households in rural India do not have a toilet or latrine Cultural...

  • Pakistan - Election - State (310x150)

    Cross-party involvement and reform in Pakistan

    Hina Shaikh

    Despite early signs of growing cross-party cooperation, Pakistan continues to be beset by political disagreement. If evidence-based policymaking is to succeed in Pakistan, new...

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  • Mining in Kailo

    The ‘informalisation’ of Ghana’s small-scale...

    Gavin Hilson, Abigail Ackah-Baidoo, Richard Amankwah, Grace Ofori-Sarpong

    Small-scale mining, though largely informal in Ghana, is a significant contributor to livelihoods and economic growth Negative environmental impacts mean the...

  • Business (10) (310x150)

    When entrepreneurship training matters most

    Stephen Anderson-Macdonald

    Providing entrepreneurs with business skills to help them grow their firms is important, but one size does not fit all. Policymakers can achieve greater impact by better...

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  • Seems India has similar tax compliance issues as China

    Incidence and efficiency of commodity taxes in...

    Monica Singhal, Lucie Gadenne, Sam Norris

    A large literature has examined how government programmes, such as spending on health and education, affect poor households in developing countries. There has been much less...

  • Zimbabwe - Fishing (310x150)

    Risk and relationships: Ice retailing in the Sierra...

    Tarek Ghani, Tristan Reed

    The emerging markets of low-income countries are often characterised by uncertainty and instability, weak enforcement of formal contracts and thin supplier markets, making...

  • Rural villages digging out a silted-up water tank

    Strategically greasing the wheels: The political...

    James Robinson, Aditya Dasgupta

    This project investigates the role that elected politicians play in strategically “greasing the wheels” of anti-poverty programmes in developing country democracies. It...