The International Growth Centre (IGC) aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries by providing demand-led policy advice based on frontier research.

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  • Ebola - Sierra Leone (310x150)

    Economics of Ebola initiative

    Nadia Hasham

    The IGC is supporting the Governments of Sierra Leone and Liberia by centrally collating both IGC and non-IGC research on the economic impacts of Ebola, in order to make their...

  • Ghana - State - Police (310x150)

    Can raising salaries reduce police corruption in Ghana?

    Jeremy Foltz

    This IGC research exploits one of the most ambitious civil service policy reforms in Africa to ask whether raising salaries for corrupt officials improves or worsens petty...

  • Lahore (web box)

    Development of Punjab Growth Strategy 2018

    Ijaz Nabi, Naved Hamid, Ali Cheema

    Punjab has been suffering from low rates of economic growth for the past few years The province needs to grow rapidly to provide enough jobs for its increasing...

  • Pic1

    Half-built homes can ease slums

    Sally Murray

    Could an architectural innovation in Chile be the answer to low-cost housing? The IGC's Sally Murray looks at a Chilean housing project providing half-built homes for the...

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  • Outside Chinsali town, northern Zambia.  
©Center For International Forestry Research/Jeff Walker

    Recruiting and motivating health workers in Zambia

    Oriana Bandiera, Nava Ashraf, Miriam Libetwa

    Incentives in the selection of public service delivery workers are essential to improving their motivation Researchers used field experiments with community health...

  • Welcoming ceremony for first detachment of China's peacekeeping infantry battalion to arrive in South Sudan.  China has contributed in other capacities in the past but this is the first time they have contributed an entire infantry battalion to UN peacekeeping.  144 soldiers arrived today; 520 are scheduled to follow in the near future.

    The dynamics of civil service reform and demobilisation

    Barbara Nunberg, Peter Biar Ajak, Nada Eissa

    An oversized public sector constrains efficiency and growth Though challenging, reducing the public sector is an opportunity for a healthier economy Government...