The International Growth Centre (IGC) aims to promote sustainable growth in developing countries by providing demand-led policy advice based on frontier research.

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  • Ebola - Sierra Leone (Cropped)

    Economics of Ebola research

    The IGC's Economics of Ebola Initiative collates the results of research on the economic impacts of Ebola led by the IGC and by development partners.


    Delivering sanitation in Kampala

    Charles Beck

    Already, only 10% of Kampala’s population have access to proper sewerage. With increasing urbanisation, delivering sanitation in Kampala will become even more challenging....

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  • Energy - Coal (1) (310x150)

    The global energy and growth challenge

    28 May 2015

    Date: Thursday 28 May, 6.30-8pm Venue: New Theatre, East Building, LSE campus Speaker: Michael Greenstone Chair: Robin Burgess Discussant:  Nicholas Stern Economic growth...

  • India water pollution

    Switching to sanitation in South Asia

    Diane Coffey, Dean Spears

    Sanitation is crucial for health and financial prosperity, and thus economic growth 70% of households in rural India do not have a toilet or latrine Cultural...

  • Kenya - Malaria - Health (310x150)

    A balancing act: Subsidising treatment for Malaria

    Simone Schaner

    Public subsidies may be an effective way to increase access to antimalarial drugs in sub-Saharan Africa, but large subsidies are accompanied by the risk of overtreatment - the...

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  • Cities - Uganda - Sanitation (310x150)

    Sanitation in Uganda

    Charles Beck

    The problem of sanitation is a growing, looming one. Take what we know currently about poor sanitation – be it the effects on disease, productivity, or dignity – but now...

  • Sanitation - India (310x150)

    Solving India’s sanitation puzzle

    Sangita Vyas

    60% of the world’s open defecation happens in India, and 70% of households in rural India defecate in the open. Widespread open defecation persists in rural India not because...

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  • Elvis walks with Alex, a survivor of Ebola in Mawa Town

    Population-based surveys to inform Ebola recovery

    Lily L. Tsai, Benjamin Morse, Robert Blair, Sabrina Karim

    Liberia currently faces the dual challenge of rebuilding after the Ebola outbreak while remaining vigilant to prevent its resurgence.  In this process, the Liberian...

  • Business (10) (310x150)

    When entrepreneurship training matters most

    Janine Titley, Stephen Anderson-Macdonald

    Providing entrepreneurs with business skills to help them grow their firms is important, but one size does not fit all. Policymakers can achieve greater impact by better...

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