Call for proposals: IGC-Liberia programme


IGC Liberia is calling for proposals from its affiliates and other selected researchers for (a) pilot studies, (b) full research projects, and (c) policy-oriented “Rapid Response Notes.”

We welcome a range of proposals for research conducted in Liberia and to further the priority areas of both country programmes. The most successful proposals will contribute in some way towards economic growth in Liberia (e.g. via an improved policy environment, citizen welfare and security, or more capable and better functioning organizations and institutions).

For this round of funding, proposals are due by 15th November 2013.

Priority areas for funding pilot projects and full research proposals:

  1. Natural resource management for inclusive growth: Areas of interest include governance and regulation of natural resources, citizen participation, and firm activity in related industries.
  2. Strengthening state capabilities and improving governance and accountability: Areas of interest include bureaucratic capacity, regulation, democracy, governance, transparency, citizen feedback and participation, human resources in government, and education policy.  
  3. Macroeconomic management to empower the private sector: Areas of interest include fiscal and monetary policy, including treasury auctions, liquidity forecasting, taxation, and capital expenditures.
  4. Urbanization: cities and housing: Areas of interest include primacy, urban growth, war-induced population displacement, transportation, sanitation, water, housing, and agglomeration economies in low-density and low-productivity districts.

Rapid response notes:

  1. Optimal government pay schedule for senior employees
  2. Management of key commodities

To apply, please fill in the IGC Country Project Proposal and submit to  More information and the application form is contained in the call document below.