Hassan Abbas Khan

Dr. Khan received the B.Eng degree in electronic engineering from GIKI, Pakistan in 2005. From 2005 to 2010, he was with School of Electrical Engineering, The University of Manchester, UK where he first received his MSc  (with distinction) and then PhD in electrical and electronic engineering. His current work is on the research and development of novel grid architectures for low-cost rural electrification using solar energy. He is also working on efficient solar PV deployment and maximizing performance ratio for grid-tied systems in urban settings. His research work has been published in top tier journals such as Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy (AIP), IEEE Quantum Electronics, IEEE Electron Device Letters, Journal of Applied Physics, IET Optoelectronics, European Physical Journal, Renewable & Sustainable energy reviews.

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    Decentralised electric power delivery model for rural electrification in Pakistan

    How does one go about providing electricity to 55 million Pakistanis who live “off-grid”? Conventional electrification strategies through large dams and thermal generation sites have a huge and often prohibitive upfront costs of setup and distribution. Recent innovations in photovoltaic technology, coupled with the steady decline in prices of solar panels have made...

    25 Feb 2016 | Hassan Abbas Khan, Husnain Fateh Ahmad, Nauman Ahmad Zaffar