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    Tasmiah Rahman

    Tasmiah Rahman is currently working as a Senior Manager, Monitoring Results Measurement and Communications in an international NGO in Bangladesh, Swisscontact. She graduated from LSE with an MSc in Social Policy and Development.

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    Smart policy for women’s economic empowerment in South Asia

    In this article, Jennifer Johnson and Nalini Gulati highlight the different trajectories of women’s economic empowerment across South Asia, based on a recent policy dialogue hosted by Evidence for Policy Design. On 23-24 March, ‘Smart Policy for Women’s Economic Empowerment’ brought together policymakers, private-sector actors, and civil-society representatives...

    21 Apr 2017 | Nalini Gulati, Jennifer Johnson

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    Jennifer Johnson

    Jennifer Johnson is an Assistant Programme Manager at Evidence for Policy Design and manages Prof. Rohini Pande's portfolio of research projects related to women's empowerment and governance in India and Nepal. She holds an M.A. in International Studies from Simon Fraser University, M.A. in Language and Communication from Georgetown University, and B.A. from Swarthmore College.

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    Farmers’ vulnerability to climate shocks in Benin

    Farmers’ vulnerability to climate shocks is affected by their exposure, sensitivity, and adaptive capacity. One must parse these components before designing policies for climate resilience. Agro-ecological factors are especially important, as their variation means that households with low adaptive capacity do not necessarily have high exposure or sensitivity to climate...

    20 Apr 2017 | Boris Odilon Kounagbè Lokonon

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    Boris Odilon Kounagbè Lokonon

    Boris Odilon Kounagbè Lokonon is a PhD candidate from the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management at the University of Parakou in Benin.

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    Research Programme Director Dave Donaldson wins prestigious John Bates Clark Medal

    The American Economic Association (AEA) is awarding IGC Research Programme Director Dave Donaldson (Stanford University) the John Bates Clark Medal, awarded annually to an economist under 40 years old in recognition of "outstanding research accomplishments in economics". Previous John Bates Clark medalists include Esther Duflo (2010), Daron Acemoglu (2005), Lawrence...

    20 Apr 2017

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    Inaugural conference for the Economics Research Network on Identity, Norms and Narratives (ERINN)

    The inaugural conference for the Economics Research Network on Identity, Norms and Narratives (ERINN) took place in Washington DC (Georgetown University) on 22 and 23 April 2017. The speakers' papers and presentations can be downloaded below.   For more information, please contact Dr. Donna Harris:

    22–23 April 2017

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    Natural resource management and FDI: Challenges for Mozambique

    Mozambique made a transition from a resource-poor economy at the end of the 1990s, when over 60% of export revenue was derived from agriculture and fisheries, to a resource-rich economy today, with natural resources accounting for over 60% of export revenue. The importance of natural resources is set to expand much further during the next decade, with the discovery of large...

    27 March 2017

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    How inefficient land allocation in Malawi is severely depressing agricultural productivity

    New data on the relationship between resource allocation and agricultural productivity in Malawi has revealed how a minority of total cultivated land is acquired in the market while the vast majority is either directly (or indirectly) distributed via the Customary Land Act. Accordingly, the allocation of land is unrelated to farm productivity. The Customary Land Act is in...

    11 Apr 2017 | Diego Restuccia, Raül Santaeulàlia-Llopis