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    The cautious return of import substitution in Africa

    As import substitution becomes fashionable again in some African countries, LSE’s Pritish Behuria analyses how successfully this policy can be implemented given the evolving aid and investment landscape. The international development industry is currently experiencing turbulence and uncertainty. Donald Trump’s victory in the United States elections and the rise of...

    14 Jun 2017 | Pritish Behuria

  • Blog post

    Intra-national trade costs and economic isolation

    High intra-national trade costs prevent market integration, so reducing them can help develop local economies in remote parts of a country. Building transport infrastructure alone is insufficient. The case of Liberia demonstrates that intra-national transport costs remain significant due to high vehicle prices, vehicle repair costs, credit constraints, and...

    12 Jun 2017 | Golvine de Rochambeau, Jonas Hjort

  • Publication - Policy Brief

    Industries without smokestacks in Uganda and Rwanda

    1 Jun 2017 | John Spray, Sebastian Wolf

  • Event

    WTO Aid for Trade - IGC side event

    The Sixth Global Review of Aid for Trade, “Promoting Connectivity”, will be held at the WTO in Geneva from 11 to 13 July 2017 gathering 500-700 people from trade delegations around the world to discuss ways to promote trade-led growth. The event will feature plenary speeches from heads of agencies along with panels presenting research and policy analyses on topics such...

    11–13 July 2017

  • Event

    Private enterprises in conflict-related situations

    On 9th June, the IGC welcomed Alexandros Ragoussis and Neil Gregory from the International Finance Corporation, World Bank, who presented the report "Private enterprises in conflict-related situations". Addressing the challenges of conflict-related situations have become a top priority for the development community, and private sector development is an essential part...

    9 June 2017

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Informality in the formal sector: Evidence from Indian manufacturing

    26 May 2017 | Radhicka Kapoor, P.P. Krishnapriya

  • Project

    Formalisation of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) through taxation: The case of Zambia

    In sub-Saharan Africa, few economic activities have been more overlooked than artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) – low-tech, labour-intensive mineral extraction and processing. This has been a significant oversight, given the sector's growing economic importance: it employs an estimated 30 million people directly worldwide; creates jobs for an additional 300 million...

    24 May 2017 | Gavin Hilson, Agatha Siwale, Godfrey Hampwaye

  • Project

    Tracking constraints to entrepreneurship in Africa

    An important part of understanding the growth prospects of an economy comes from understanding the constraints to business growth and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, the data in this area is scarce in East Africa. The World Bank collects two sets of data in this vein, both of which suffer from some well-known issues such as the focus being solely on formal firms, medium to...

    23 May 2017 | Tavneet Suri, Louis Dorval, Neema Iyer

  • Publication - Project Report

    East Africa dairy value chains: Firm capabilities to expand regional trade

    11 May 2017 | Ajmal Abdulsamad, Gary Gereffi

  • Publication - Project Report

    Maize value chains in East Africa

    11 May 2017 | Jack Daly, Gary Gereffi, Andrew Guinn