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  • Publication - Project Memo

    The footprint of galamsey in Ghana

    21 February 2017 | Jones Mantey, Frederick Owusu-Nimo, Kwabena Nyarko

  • Event

    IGC/CEPR Labour and Entrepreneurship Conference

    IGC, in cooperation with CEPR, will host a conference on labour and entrepreneurship on 4th and 5th May at the London School of Economics. This conference  will provide a forum for high quality research in the field of labour economics and entrepreneurship; it will bring together top academics to present new ideas and discuss the future direction of research....

    4–5 May 2017

  • Blog post

    The tale and maths of universal basic income

    Commenting on the discussion on universal basic income in the recently released Economic Survey, Jean Drèze argues that UBI is an idea whose time will come, but that time is still quite distant as far as India is concerned. The Economic Survey 2016-17, released on 31 January, gives a much-awaited view of the government’s (or at least the Chief Economic Adviser’s)...

    20 February 2017 | Jean Drèze

  • Blog post

    Food fights: Food prices and civil conflict in Africa

    Over one million people have died from direct exposure to civil conflict in Africa since the end of the Cold War alone. What causal role do economic factors play in this tragedy? We study the effect of world food prices on violence across the continent, finding that the impact depends on both the type of conflict and whether a region mainly produces or consumes food. The...

    14 February 2017 | Marshall Burke, Eoin F. McGuirk

  • Publication - Project Report

    Wheels of power - Long-term effects of targeting girls with in-kind transfers

    13 February 2017 | Shabana Mitra, Karl Ove Moene

  • Blog post

    An economist’s view on recent domestic and world events

    Dilip Mookherjee spoke to Hindu Business Line at length on a variety of issues including demonetisation, the upcoming Budget, and the Trump Presidency’s impact on the world economy. Excerpts: What are your views on the recent demonetisation exercise? Yes I’m struck by the audaciousness of the move, I don’t know how well planned it was. In terms of motives one can...

    13 February 2017 | Dilip Mookherjee

  • Blog post

    South Sudan’s crisis is complex, but there’s a way out of war and fragility

    South Sudan has faced significant challenges since civil war broke out in December 2013. The violence was triggered by disagreements between President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Riek Machar. Since then conflict has become widespread and has flared in previously peaceful regions. Atrocities are taking on an increasingly ethnic nature. With the very limited...

    7 February 2017 | Sarah Logan, Peter Biar Ajak

  • Publication - Working Paper

    Terms of trade shocks and monetary policy in India

    6 February 2017 | Chetan Ghate, Sargam Gupta, Debdulal Mallick

  • Event

    Training for productivity workshop

    This three-day workshop, taking place on 22-25 February, is a result of policy impact follow-up activities from an IGC project on management and productivity in Ghana's Civil Service. The Office of the Head of the Civil Service (OHCS) and Civil Service Training Centre (CSTC)  have teamed up to develop a training programme to feed back the results of this study into the...

    22–25 February 2017