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    Interfirm relationships and business performance in Nanchang (China)

    In the quest for identifying barriers to firm growth, much attention has been paid to barriers that act at the level of the individual firm. But firms do not operate in a vacuum: business relationships are potentially highly influential. An experiment in Nanchang, China was conducted to measure their importance. Regular meetings between the managers of young firms...

    9 February 2017 | Jing Cai, Adam Szeidl

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    Study provides fresh insights into the benefits of mobile money in Kenya

    A recently published study on the long-run effects of mobile money on economic outcomes in Kenya provides some valuable insights that will benefit economic development and financial inclusion policies across Africa. The study found that increased access to mobile money has reduced poverty in Kenya, particularly among female-headed households. Rapid expansion of mobile...

    25 January 2017 | Sarah Logan

  • Project

    Improving export performance in Uganda

    Uganda is keen to leverage its external sector to support economic growth and employment creation through structural transformation. This has become increasingly urgent as commodity prices have levelled off and volumes have stagnated with the global slowdown. Policymakers need to establish a supportive environment within which the private sector can invest in exports. The...

    23 January 2017 | Ben Shepherd

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    Parceling out prosperity? Tracking and evaluating the impacts of natural resource concessions in Liberia

    How concerned would you be if a third of your country's land was granted to foreign investors? Liberia has pinned its hopes for economic development on foreign direct investment, granting somewhere between 21% and 38% of the country's land to investors, or concessionaires, in the agriculture, forestry and mining sectors. However, a 2011 survey of nearly 1500 rural and...

    19 January 2017 | Bradley Parks

  • Publication - Policy note

    Uganda: Improving export performance (policy note)

    12 January 2017 | Ben Shepherd

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    Four approaches to unleashing Pakistan’s growth

    A recent seminar in Islamabad titled “Creating Capabilities for Growth”, organised by the International Growth Centre (IGC) and the Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR), presented IGC-funded studies to an audience of academics, policymakers, development professionals, politicians and business leaders and fostered discussions to connect research to...

    9 January 2017 | Shehryar Nabi

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    The inadequacy of South Africa’s Black Economic Empowerment policy

    Vrinda Chopra analyses the detrimental effects of the BBBEE on smallholder farmers and cooperatives in South Africa. The Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) of South Africa is a landmark policy for reversing the historical marginalisation of Black, Coloured and Indian people in the country. The policy outlines a scorecard that promotes non-white ownership,...

    5 January 2017 | Vrinda Chopra

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    Drivers for diversification: Firm productivity and export growth

    During the past decade of relatively high copper prices, Zambia enjoyed high GDP growth rates but employment growth has been inadequate and narrowly concentrated.  Growth rates have declined sharply since 2014 due in large part to declining copper prices which reduced exports and foreign exchange earnings while putting pressure on exchange rates. Given these developments,...

    21 December 2016 | Herryman Moono

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    Regional value chains: Enhancing productivity in East Africa

    In partnership with the IGC, Duke University’s Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC) reveals the potential for regional integration to strengthen value chains and improve productivity in Rwanda and Uganda. Despite recent regional improvements in poverty reduction and economic growth rates in East Africa, firm productivity in the region remains low....

    9 December 2016 | Jack Daly

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    Workshop on trade, FDI and regional value chains in Uganda

    As Uganda seeks to reduce its trade deficit, and deepen value addition by domestic industry and services - IGC Uganda co-hosted a one-day workshop on trade, FDI and regional value chains in Kampala in partnership with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives (MTIC) and the Uganda Free Zones Authority (UfZA) on December 12, 2016. The workshop brought together...

    12 December 2016