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    Highly violent conflicts can dramatically stunt economic growth in fragile countries

    Syria has lost £16-30 billion in potential growth due to civil war, researchers estimate Highly violent conflicts dramatically reduce a country’s capacity to grow and are a key reason for much lower average growth rates over time in fragile countries, according to a new paper by the International Growth Centre (IGC), based at the London School of Economics and Political...

    13 Dec 2016

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    British Academy elects IGC Director Robin Burgess

    IGC Director Robin Burgess has been elected Fellow of the prestigious British Academy, the UK's national body for the humanities and social sciences. In recognition of his outstanding research,  LSE Economics Professor Robin Burgess is among 66 new distinguished scholars elected to join the 1000-strong British Academy Fellowship. Burgess, who is also a member of...

    20 Jul 2016

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    New approach needed to maximise tax take in low-income countries

    “Third-best” tax policies could be best to support development, IGC claims Developing country policymakers and the international institutions that advise them should not default to using the same tax policies that work in high-income countries but instead consider alternative approaches that work better in their contexts and that could generate more revenue, according...

    14 Apr 2016

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    Higher salaries worsened police corruption in Ghana, according to IGC-funded research

    Rather than reducing police corruption, research funded by the International Growth Centre finds that raising police salaries actually increases levels of police bribery on Ghanaian roads. As part of an ambitious policy reform experiment in 2010, Ghana doubled police salaries, in part, to reduce petty corruption on its highways. However, after analysing the amount of...

    9 Feb 2016

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    Businesses suffered and jobs disappeared across Liberia during the Ebola outbreak, according to research funded by the IGC

    Liberia’s economic downturn during the Ebola outbreak was severe, with businesses in Montserrado county – home to the capital Monrovia – especially suffering, shows new research funded by the IGC. According to a new IGC bulletin, 12% of businesses surveyed across Liberia during the peak of the Ebola crisis (September to November 2014) reported to have closed down...

    16 Dec 2015