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    IGC in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

    The International Growth Centre (IGC) stands in solidarity with our black colleagues and with the black community in the US and throughout the world, within the IGC and beyond. We take this moment to reaffirm our commitment to challenging systemic racism whenever and wherever we find it. While the focus is on the US and the horrific killing of George Floyd, there is...

    4 Jun 2020

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    New grant from The Rockefeller Foundation supports efforts to better address state fragility

    The Rockefeller Foundation has extended its philanthropic support to the International Growth Centre (IGC) with a grant of $250,000 to support the IGC’s new policy initiative, Reducing State Fragilities, which aims to build on the LSE-Oxford Commission on State Fragility, Growth and Development by taking its recommendations into practice. A previous $900,000 grant from...

    3 Jun 2020

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    Under COVID-19 lockdowns, 32 million Africans would be severely food deprived, says new research

    After an eight-week lockdown, 168 million people would no longer afford the amount of food they were consuming pre-COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa, indicates new International Growth Centre (IGC) research. The IGC study indicates that in their current forms, and if implemented for eight weeks, lockdowns in sub-Saharan Africa could lead almost 32 million people, including...

    11 May 2020

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    Low income countries need different lockdowns to prevent severe deprivation and hunger, say top economists and health experts

    In low income countries, containment strategies to stop the spread of COVID-19 need to ensure people can still earn a living and access food, warn pre-eminent economists and health experts convened by the International Growth Centre (IGC). Low income countries, which have moved fast to introduce lockdowns similar to those in developed countries, risk causing acute hunger...

    4 May 2020

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    Treating electricity as a right is detrimental to expanding access

    To expand access to electricity, governments in low-income countries should treat electricity as a private good, not a right, a new publication argues. It is a widespread belief in developing countries that electricity is a right to be enjoyed by all citizens. In practice, this social norm regularly results in customers not paying their electricity bills, stealing...

    9 Sep 2019