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    In first visit to Bangladesh, David Cameron discusses country’s growth at IGC roundtable

    On 27 April, during his first visit to Bangladesh, former UK Prime Minister David Cameron participated in a roundtable discussion hosted by IGC Bangladesh on State Fragility, Growth and Development: Bangladesh’s Progress in Dhaka. The roundtable aimed to understand and draw lessons from the ‘Bangladesh paradox’ – a term illustrating that despite weak political...

    15 May 2017

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    Research Programme Director Dave Donaldson wins prestigious John Bates Clark Medal

    The American Economic Association (AEA) is awarding IGC Research Programme Director Dave Donaldson (Stanford University) the John Bates Clark Medal, awarded annually to an economist under 40 years old in recognition of "outstanding research accomplishments in economics". Previous John Bates Clark medalists include Esther Duflo (2010), Daron Acemoglu (2005), Lawrence...

    20 Apr 2017

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    LSE-Oxford fragility commission launched at event featuring David Cameron

    The LSE-Oxford Commission on State Fragility, Growth and Development was launched on 16 March 2017 at an evening event at the LSE featuring an opening speech by Former UK Prime Minister and Commission Chair David Cameron. Established under the auspices of the IGC, the commission will generate policy recommendations for governments, international donors, and NGOs to...

    17 Mar 2017

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    David Cameron to chair new LSE-Oxford fragility commission

    Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron will chair a new LSE-University of Oxford commission to guide policy on economic growth in fragile and conflict situations. The commission will address fragile and conflict situations globally – where countries are failing, or are at risk of failing, with respect to political authority and legitimacy, and providing basic services...

    2 Mar 2017

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    Highly violent conflicts can dramatically stunt economic growth in fragile countries

    Syria has lost £16-30 billion in potential growth due to civil war, researchers estimate Highly violent conflicts dramatically reduce a country’s capacity to grow and are a key reason for much lower average growth rates over time in fragile countries, according to a new paper by the International Growth Centre (IGC), based at the London School of Economics and Political...

    13 Dec 2016