Organisational publications

This page contains links to some of our most important organisational publications.

Annual reports

IGC Annual Report 2016-2017

2016 saw the IGC achieve a new milestone in policy impact, with a total of 171 projects having a significant influence on policy discussions and decisions, up from 128 cases last year – reflecting the strength of our partnerships with policymakers and the quality and relevance of our research.


IGC Annual Report 2015-2016

2015 marked a significant ramp up in the IGC’s efforts to generate new and collaborative ideas with the aim of reducing poverty and powering growth in our partner countries.




IGC Annual Report 2014-2015

The IGC’s first public facing Annual Report showcases our impact over the last year, and highlights successes in research, policy, and communications.





Evidence papers

The IGC’s Evidence paper series discusses recent developments in the economic literature on each of our four programme areas: State, Firms, Cities, and Energy. Each section covers the relevant theory with a special focus on the current knowledge about the mechanisms highlighted, potential policy measures, gaps in current research and potential ways to fill these gaps.

IGC evidence paper: State

This paper focuses on the necessary conditions for a well-functioning state including a public sector that has the capacity to raise revenues and spend them effectively; that policymakers are incentivised to act in favour of their citizens and that they can provide public goods.




IGC evidence paper: Firms

This paper focusses on three core questions: (i) What are the key proximate determinants of firm productivity? (ii) Where does the productive capacity of firms originate? (iii) What are the barriers that prevent resources from moving from unproductive firms and sectors to areas of higher productivity?




IGC evidence paper: Cities

This paper focuses on the increasing urbanisation of developing countries, analysing these new cities and mega-cities and the dense clustering of individuals within them. Of primary importance is how to harness the potential of these cities and turn them into drivers of productive economic growth.




IGC evidence paper: Energy

This paper analyses the transformative power of reliable, widespread access to electricity in developing countries. It covers four main topics: (i) improving the reliability of grid services, (ii) rural electrification, (iii) energy efficiency, and (iv) minimizing the external costs of energy consumption.