Our policies

Privacy and data protection

The IGC website is covered under LSE’s terms of use and privacy policy, available here.

Policies, procedures, and regulations

The IGC adheres to LSE's policies, procedures, and regulations including:

Reporting concerns
We encourage everyone who has a genuine concern to ‘speak up’ and raise the matter so that it can be addressed. Allegation of misconduct should be directed to the IGC reporting team ([email protected]) who will investigate and escalate via the School Ethics Manager in line with the procedures outlined here.

To raise any concerns under the LSE Whistleblowing policy, please refer to the relevant contacts given within the Whistleblowing Policy (Public Interest Disclosure).

Report it, Stop it! You can also report to LSE directly by using the online form Report it Stop it. This report can be completely anonymous. You can also choose to share your name and some brief contact details, if you want someone from LSE to contact you

Equity, diversity, and inclusion

The IGC is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in its strategy and operations and integrating EDI considerations throughout its research and policy work. We recognise the systemic lack of diversity and inclusion in the sectors we belong to and strive to address the obstacles to progress in our own organisation and in academia, economics, and international development.

Our EDI Strategy focuses on three areas:

1. Research: Develop and promote an inclusive, diverse IGC research community, and contribute to cultivating diversity in academia and economics.  

2. People: Promote an organisational culture that is open and inclusive through practices and processes that embrace equality and diversity.  

3. Policy engagement: Ensure two-way dialogue and mutual respect in our engagements with policymakers and the wider policy community. 

Specific targets

Acknowledging the current barriers that prevent researchers from developing countries from receiving IGC funding and working with us, we have set a target for a majority of our commissioned projects to be led by research teams composed of at least one researcher from a developing country. We have also set specific targets for delivering more diverse and inclusive public events.