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    High incidence of violent crime may drive geographic chronic poverty

    Exposure to crime disproportionately affects poorer communities. In the case of Mexico, poorer municipalities have fewer resources for comping with the associated risks of high incidence of crime, leaving them trapped in poverty. Violent crime may directly affect economic activity through a multiplicity of factors, such as deteriorating health conditions, lower school...

    27 Sep 2016 | Carlos Rodríguez-Castelán, Adán Martínez-Cruz

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    Tackling extreme poverty: In conversation with Robin Burgess

    Who are the ultra-poor and how can development policy address their particular needs? In today's blog, Professor Robin Burgess discusses the results of a research project with the Bangladesh-based development NGO BRAC. The World Bank defines the poor as those who live on less than $1.90 (USD) day, but millions of people in the developing world survive on even less. Trapped...

    9 Dec 2015 | Robin Burgess

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    Post 2015: Growth and the new sustainable development agenda

    As we look forward at new development agendas, much of the discussion now falls on how developing and fragile states can move forward in achieving progress on the new UN Global Goals. This piece argues that the goals will require governments to refocus policy agendas on growth. The challenge is not simply to create more jobs, but to also develop market structures, public...

    21 Sep 2015 | Paul Collier, Upaasna Kaul

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    Eliminating extreme poverty in Africa: The role of policies and global governance

    Serious commitment to eliminating extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa requires a three-pronged approach: Structural transformation: requires stable macroeconomic policies, infrastructure investments and inclusive growth prioritising productive employment. Cautious regional integration: inviting trade and FDI flows to support regional growth. Improved...

    29 Jun 2015 | Zorobabel Bicaba, Zuzana Brixiova, Mthuli Ncube

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    Eradicating extreme poverty in Bangladesh

    Extreme poverty is officially defined in Bangladesh in terms of total living expenses of a family falling short of the cost of minimum food needs. Since a part of spending of such a family will have to be incurred on essential non-food items like fuel or clothing, the minimum calorie needs of the family will not be met at such levels of total spending – hence the distinct...

    28 May 2015 | Wahiduddin Mahmud