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    How DFIs can better invest in low growth countries

    Low growth countries struggle with persistent and extreme poverty and uncertainty about the ability of the private sector to grow. This makes new thinking in development finance crucial to support growth in these countries. The fourth annual DFI Fragility Forum was held in Oxford 3-4 May 2022. Each year, the conference brings together senior leadership from many of the...

    14 Sep 2022 | Colin Buckley

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    Front-lining green jobs in the sustainable urbanisation agenda

    The global transition to a carbon-neutral economy is expected to create many opportunities in the labour market, often referred to as ‘green’ jobs. In developing countries, active public policy at the national and local levels are needed for reskilling and upskilling workers into greener, higher-productivity occupations. This requires a better understanding of what...

    5 Sep 2022 | Juliana Oliveira-Cunha

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    The role of inter-governmental transfers in financing Africa’s cities

    Financial transfers from central governments to subnational governments in African cities can be successful in aiding urbanisation and development. However, these inter-governmental transfers need to be sufficiently sized, transparent, predictable, and based on feasible conditions to be effective.   Inter-governmental transfers (IGT) are the transfer of finance between...

    4 Aug 2022 | Oliver Harman

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    What do high-growth entrepreneurs in Africa want?

    This project will take advantage of a large dataset from VC4Africa containing information on start-ups, investors, and entrepreneur support organisations in Africa. The researchers will build this dataset out further with new survey data on the decision-making processes of entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to serve as the basis for planned field experiments to...

    3 Aug 2022 | Emanuele Colonnelli

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    Inclusive international trade: Assisting female-led firms

    While many lower- and middle-income countries aim to grow and diversify their exports, enabling small and medium sized firms to export and enter global value chains remains a key challenge. This is particularly true for female-led firms, which only compose 5-10% of all firms in the MENA region and overall less than 20% in other parts of the Global South. So far, there is...

    3 Aug 2022 | Amira Bouziri, Fabian Scheifele, Florian Münch, Teo Firpo

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    Does crowdfunding play a catalytic role in the development of Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) in sub-Saharan Africa?

    Crowdfunding as an alternative source of finance has gained prominence over time. Early-stage businesses typically do not have sufficient access to financial capital because they lack performance history. Crowdfunding platforms enable entrepreneurs to access financial capital from the wider and potentially more open-minded audience while investors can find enterprises that...

    3 Aug 2022 | Sylvia Dimiti, Laura Barasa, Li-Wei Chen

  • Publication - Case study

    Renforcer les finances municipales : l’expérience de Kampala (Ouganda)

    La ville ougandaise de Kampala illustre bien la manière dont la réforme institutionnelle et administrative est en mesure, sans modification de grande ampleur des politiques publiques, d’augmenter considérablement les rentrées fiscales municipales. À travers la mise en place de systèmes informatisés plus efficaces, en attirant des personnels plus capables et en...

    19 Jul 2022 | Victoria Delbridge, Oliver Harman, Astrid Haas, Tony Venables

  • Publication - Case study

    Renforcer les finances municipales : l’expérience de Mzuzu et du Malawi

    Le cas de Mzuzu illustre la manière dont les villes secondaires sont capables d’innover et de montrer la voie en matière de réforme des finances municipales, alors même que leurs recettes fiscales sont extrêmement faibles et leurs moyens minimes. Mzuzu est la troisième grande ville du Malawi. La présente étude de cas se concentre sur un système d’évaluation...

    19 Jul 2022 | Victoria Delbridge, Oliver Harman, Tony Venables, Astrid Haas, Dyson Jangia

  • Publication - Case study

    Xoojinta booska maaliyadeed magaalooyinka: Caddayn laga sameeyey Hargeysa

    Magaalada Hargeysa, in kasta oo ay ku jirtay marxalad hore ee kor u qaadista maaliyadeeda, haddana waxay ku gaadhay dib u habeyn la taaban karo dhawr sano gudahood tan iyo markii la aasaasay dimoqraadiyadeeda 2002. Guulaha la gaadhay ayaa waliba ka sii cajaa’ib badan, iyada oo la tixgelinayo xaaladda jilicsan ee Somaliland ka dib 30 sannado oo colaado ay ka socdeen...

    19 Jul 2022 | Victoria Delbridge, Oliver Harman, Priya Manwaring, Astrid Haas, Tony Venables, Ahmedi Yusuf

  • Credit: Oliver Harman
    Publication - Case study

    Renforcer les finances municipales : l’expérience de Hargeisa (Somaliland)

    La municipalité de Hargeisa, capitale du Somaliland, a beau avoir commencé depuis peu à améliorer sa situation financière, elle a déjà mené à bien des réformes notables dans les quelques années qui ont suivi l’établissement de son statut démocratique en 2002. Les réussites sont d’autant plus remarquables au vu de la situation précaire du Somaliland...

    19 Jul 2022 | Victoria Delbridge, Oliver Harman, Priya Manwaring, Astrid Haas, Tony Venables, Ahmedi Yusuf