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    Omotunde Johnson

    Omotunde Johnson is an economics researcher and consultant. After serving in various capacities at the IMF for over 25 years, he retired in 2000. At the IMF, his assignments included (i) operational work related to almost all IMF facilities as well as regular consultations, on a diverse range of countries (in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe); (ii) work on IMF...

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    Joseph Tuffour

    Joe Amoako-Tuffour is a Senior Advisor at ACET and a Professor of Economics at St. Xavier University. Dr. Amoako-Tuffour has a wealth of experience as a government advisor on tax policy for Ghana’s ministry of finance and economic planning. Some of his research topics include petroleum laws, tourism, donor aid, good governance, and public debt. He obtained a B.A. with...