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    Natasha Ansari

    Natasha is one of the lead researchers on the Value Chains pillar for the Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia (LANSA) research consortium at the Collective for Social Science Reserach. She has co-authoured the book A Microcredit Alternative in South Asia: Akhuwat’s Experiment (Routledge, 2018). She is also one of the campaign organisers for Girls at...

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    Asad Sayeed

    Asad has been with the Collective for Social Science Research since its inception, but actively started working as Senior Research Associate in 2003. Previously, Asad has worked as Senior Economist at the Social Policy Development Centre from 1995 to 1997. He was then Director of Research at the Pakistan Institute of Labour Education and Research from 1997 to 2000. In...