Collect and archive policy and statistical documents

Project State

In Ethiopia, obtaining important policy documents can be time-consuming. This is partly because some government documents are not available online, requiring researchers to physically go to the government offices to obtain the documents. Also, researchers may need to fill out paperwork in order to access some documents. This can tax the researchers’ time and, hence, decreases the researchers’ productivity.

In order to mitigate potential loss in researchers’ time on collecting this kind of information, the IGC Ethiopia team has designed this project with the aim to collect and archive a large number of relevant government documents. While doing so, the project will attempt to collect and archive policy documents that are related to IGC’s thematic areas.

The IGC focuses on four thematic research areas (i.e., state effectiveness, firm capability, urbanisation, and energy). Thus, attempts have been made to collect and archive Ethiopian policy documents that are somehow related to these thematic areas/sectors. Note that these documents are publicly available, this project simply compiled these documents to make them easily accessible to researchers and other stakeholders.

It is hoped that the archived documents will help researchers who work on IGC-funded projects.