Economic impacts of COVID-19 on smallholder farmers and the agricultural value chain in Kenya

Project Active from to COVID-19

Social distancing protocols present economic and health risks to the rural poor in developing countries. These include:

  • food shortages
  • distortions in food and input prices
  • disruption in the availability of inputs
  • high levels of unemployment

In Kenya, COVID-19 has restricted both human movement and trade. The Kenyan Government's concern is that enforced market closures, where the majority of rural citizens buy and sell their produce, could threaten food security and income. Policymakers from the Ministry of Agriculture have created a consortium of key organisations (called the Food Security War Room) to develop effective policies and interventions.

This research addresses the lack of systematic and reliable data on evolving requirements and challenges across the agricultural value chain as the pandemic unfolds. The findings will support the Ministry of Agriculture in the development of interventions.