Economics of Ebola initiative

Project Inclusive Growth

The IGC is supporting the Governments of Sierra Leone and Liberia by centrally collating both IGC and non-IGC research on the economic impacts of Ebola, in order to make their policy implications more accessible.

Early analysis indicates that the economic costs of the Ebola outbreak will be significant, including panic, loss in confidence, reduction in market interactions, the breakdown of formal systems and institutions, a reduced supply of essential goods, and potentially increased prices. The IGC is committed to providing the Governments of Sierra Leone and Liberia, as well as their development partners, with demand-led research and analysis to ensure that policy responses are evidence-based and that corrective actions are effective and well targeted.

Under the current special call for proposals, the IGC is funding seven research projects across Sierra Leone and Liberia on the economic impacts of the crisis. The IGC also welcomes research requests from policymakers and development partners on emerging policy questions.

The IGC is producing a series of bulletins on the economic impact of Ebola which summarise IGC-funded research fundings on this topic. These bulletins are available below.

The IGC is currently funding these projects as part of this initiative:

IGC researchers Rachel Glennerster and Tavneet Suri are also supporting a World Bank project on The socio-economic impacts of Ebola in Sierra Leone.