KCCA research programme and operational framework development

Project Active since Cities

This project is supporting the development of an internal research program to serve as the KCCA’s main team to support of research, analysis and evaluation of strategies and projects. It will achieve this by compiling a knowledge repository, documenting key expectations, compiling the most important research questions, discerning impacts of projects, programmes and strategies. The Research Programme will thus support the various departments in informing their strategies and assessing their impacts.

The objective of the Research Programme will be to guide researchers, both internally (KCCA staff) and externally (the public), on the KCCA’s research priorities and facilitate collaboration on research activities within Kampala. It will also serve as a knowledge platform for other cities to show how research can inform and be incorporated into urban planning.

This Programme supports the Kampala Capital City Research Policy, which outlines researchers' mandate and that of the KCCA in the realization of the common goal of knowledge generation, innovation and growth. Furthermore, through the repository of research generated under this programme, the KCCA seeks to be at the forefront of knowledge generation about urbanisation in Sub-Saharan Africa and provide an example of how cities can use evidence to strengthen their policy-making and programme implementation. Research outcomes will be documented for other cities to use and learn from.