Population growth, internal migration and urbanisation in Tanzania - Phase 1

Project Active since Cities

The aim of this project is to obtain a better understanding of the interaction between population growth, internal migration and urbanisation in Tanzania, and their relationship to the changing structure of the economy from soon after independence to the present day.

The aims of this first phase were: to obtain from the 2012 census the best possible data on the number, size and location of urban settlements in Tanzania, to link to analysis already carried out on previous censuses; and to investigate the feasibility of developing a new density-based definition of ‘urban area’ to apply to 2012 and earlier census data.

The Phase 1 results are set out in the three working papers which make up this report:

  • Working Paper 1: Population growth, internal migration and urbanization in Tanzania, 1967-2012: A census-based regional analysis;
  • Working Paper 2: Tanzania’s urban populations, 1967-2012; and
  • Working Paper 3: A density-based measure of ‘urban’ for Tanzania? A feasibility study using Dodoma region.