Population growth, internal migration, and urbanisation in Tanzania - Phase 2

Project Active from to Cities

The aim of this project is to make use of the migration and urbanisation propensities obtained in Phase 1 to shed light on what is driving migration and urbanisation in Tanzania, thereby providing a stronger evidential basis for policies affecting internal migration and urbanisation. Specifically, Phase 2 aims to investigate how regions with high rural out-migration differ from those with low rural out-migration, appealing to as much relevant information at regional level as can be found; similarly, it will investigate how regions with high urban in-migration differ from those with low urban in-migration, again by reference to supporting data. These investigations will be carried out for each inter-censal period and will consider how far these differences can be linked to national developments such as villagisation (1970s), SAP policies (1980s) and mining (1990s).