Role of ICT in Improving the Quality of Elementary School Education in Bihar

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The Government of Bihar has taken an initiative in the implementation of Computer Aided Learning (CAL) in school and has been recognised for these efforts through the Manthan South Asia award for e-governance for the year 2010 under the e-education category for its project ""Implementation of computer aided learning in 244 schools in Bihar under the BEP-India"".

The literature on use of ICT for pedagogy has set out certain benchmarks for integration of ICT into the learning process as a way to improve the quality of school education in specific social contexts. The objective of this study is to bring out the role of ICT in improving the quality of school education integrated within pedagogical approaches taking on board the social constraints of schooling in Bihar and comparing it with the documented results of similar initiatives, experiences and impact in other parts of India.

Government of Bihar has also announced a shift in the focus of its current IT policy to Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This study will provide inputs to the education component of ICT policy and school education policy of Government of Bihar on possible ways to create and improve the learning environment in schools in Bihar.