Support to the Consortium for Development Policy Research for policy dissemination for 2016-17

Project Active from to State

Consortium for Development Policy Research (CDPR) is a non-profit association of the IGC, CERP and IDEAS. The research conducted by these three organisations is collated and then disseminated by CDPR. The evidence-based research undertaken by the above-mentioned bodies is used to inform policy debate in Pakistan, particularly by engaging the policymakers, media and concerned citizens. CDPR is predominantly active in promoting the work IGC funds and disseminates research along the IGC themes. Many leading economists in renowned universities such as LUMS and Lahore School of Economics contribute to and participate in CDPR events.

CDPR uses various tools of dissemination to deepen its engagement with various stakeholders. This includes creating policy briefs of IGC’s research projects in order to promote the cutting edge research being conducted. It also includes engaging with traditional and social media to ensure a wide coverage of our partner’s work. Another major tool is the CDPR website and weekly newsletter that aims to be the major source of development news, research and data for Pakistan. Furthermore, IGC-CDPR events have been successful in putting IGC’s research on the policy agenda at the provincial as well as at the federal level.

The activities that will be carried out in the coming year (February 2017 – January 2018) will further CDPR’s goals. The following will be undertaken:

  1. Regularly produce policy briefs around IGC’s thematic areas. In the next year, CDPR plans to formulate policy briefs on issues surrounding firm capabilities, trade, energy and inclusive growth. The policy briefs based on these themes will be disseminated through the CDPR platform, published on its revamped and updated website, and circulated through its weekly newsletter which reaches a wide network of 3,000 individuals.
  2. CDPR has a communication’s strategy through which it engages with the media regularly. This includes contributions to print media (top English newspapers), radio shows (targeting Urdu listeners) and television. There is also a growing Social Media presence (Twitter and Facebook). CDPR plans to work more actively through both mediums to reach the public as well as targeted audiences. For this purpose, CDPR also plans to use its recently launched Blog ‘Developing Pakistan’ to promote the work its affiliates are doing. CDPR also plans on using the medium of videos more often for wider dissemination.
  3. CDPR has previously held dissemination seminars, which brought together researchers and policymakers. This provided the two stakeholders with a common platform to share and discuss policy findings and implications of on-going research. Based on the success of these seminars, CDPR plans to hold more of such sessions in the coming year.