Vulnerabilities and solutions for Mozambican enterprises in face of the COVID-19 crisis

Project Active from to Firms, Trade and COVID-19

This study proposes to the National Directorate of Economic Policies and Development of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) of Mozambique to conduct a phone-based enterprise survey through a partnership with IGC and NOVAFRICA. The survey aims to inform MEF's response to the COVID-19 crisis, improving its capacity to offer adequate solutions to challenges posed by the pandemic to supply chains and the national private sector.

The project will collect information that enables public policy design to be consistent with the necessary public health measures, fitting the vulnerabilities of Mozambican companies on both the demand and the supply side. In addition, this study will pay particular attention to understanding how to maximise the likelihood that entrepreneurs know about and understand the policies and support mechanisms available to them.

This project seeks to understand the most successful channels for reducing the impact of the crisis and accelerate economic recovery in Mozambique. The survey design serves as a baseline for a subsequent RCT or survey experiment exploring the causal impact of some public policy of interest or its promotion among firms’ managers.