Yangon Urban Growth Analytics

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A comparative information base for strategic spatial development in Yangon, Myanmar.

A comparative information base for strategic spatial  development in Yangon, Myanmar.

Recognising the importance of a solid information base for policy action, this research will primarily focus on collecting and comparing quantitative and spatial city data. Most data will be gathered and analysed through a mixed method approach developed by LSE Cities and its partners over the last decade. Data needed will be collected with support of the IGC Myanmar country office and local partners and institutions in the comparator cities, as well as based on archival and desktop research.  In cases where data is not available through formal institutional sources, spatial data can potentially be collected from open sources and big data projects (Open Street map; Google Earth; Bing maps; Mobile phones, GPS data, etc.), subject to local availability.

Wherever possible, we would be looking to get access to time series data for the past 20 years, in recognition of the tremendous growth that has occurred in all possible case study cities over this period of time. While the metropolitan and city scale will be used for the majority of this analysis, there are some cases where more granularity will be desirable, requiring disaggregated data at smaller scales, including neighbourhood and block level.

Particular attention will be given to data visualisation and information design that can assist the communication of complex urban patterns and relationships as part of the IGC's policy engagement.