IGC Ethiopia produces demand-led, high-quality independent research to support economic policy. Our current focus areas are jobs and labour markets, industrial transformation, micro underpinnings of macroeconomic management, and sustainable growth.


Ethiopia has been one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, but recently has faced severe macroeconomic imbalances and high unemployment. The IGC Ethiopia Country Programme, since 2010, has conducted research on growth topics driven by active consultation with local policymakers, think tanks, international organisations, and the private sector. IGC Ethiopia’s projects include work on housing issues for manufacturing workers, bank management practices, and trade liberalisation and infrastructure improvements’ impact on firm productivity. Going forward, IGC Ethiopia will continue to build policy-relevant research in the areas of firm productivity, jobs and labour markets, and macroeconomic management such as foreign exchange and inflation. 

IGC Ethiopia continues to build on a successful partnership with the Policy Studies Institute to partner with Ethiopian policymakers on independent research of the highest quality. It promotes collaboration with local researchers, including building a local researcher network by engaging with the Ethiopian Economics Association.


Policy Studies Institute,
Blue building near National Stadium,
P.O. Box 2479
Addis Ababa

Email: [email protected] 
Twitter: @IGC_Ethiopia

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