South Sudan

IGC South Sudan researches the country's development and informs policy with analysis and evidence. The programme focuses on resource management, improved monetary management, investments in people to raise incomes, and inclusive growth.

Since our office opened in August 2012, the IGC in South Sudan has responded to the dynamic changes which have characterised the world’s newest country. Given evolving government priorities due to these rapid changes, our programme has focused on analyses of near-term policy based upon lessons from relevant international experience. The programme is structured around three main pillars: responding to crisis, natural resource management, and addressing isolation, diversification, and job creation. We have held several workshops in country around a broad array of topics, and we have conducted a labour market study to shed light on dynamics and help guide policy to ensure participation of domestic labour in the economy.

We continue to run a South Sudan programme but no longer have an office in the country. Richard Newfarmer, Country Director for IGC Rwanda and Uganda, and Peter Biar Ajak serve as senior advisors for the programme.


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