The IGC, through the State Fragility initiative, has been engaged with the transitional government of Sudan since November 2019. During this time, we’ve worked with the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, and the Central Bank of Sudan.


The State Fragility initiative has been engaged with Sudan’s transitional government since October 2019. Priority areas include macroeconomic stabilisation, domestic revenue mobilisation, and fiscal federalism.

Highlights of past work include providing input and analysis to inform fuel subsidy reform and exchange rate unification. Ongoing work focuses primarily on fiscal federalism, supporting efforts to shift Sudan to a more federal system of governance, as well as tax policy and administration.

Sudan’s reintegration into the international community, significant progress on debt forgiveness, and effective implementation of key macroeconomic reforms has made further economic reforms more feasible and the team looks forward to expanding its engagement in Sudan’s transition process.


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