Zambia Research Projects



Examining Zambia’s Mineral Taxation (2012)

Review of Investment Incentives: Best Practice Application (2012)

Regional Trade and Integration Review (2012)

Negotiating a better future: The impact of teaching negotiation skills on girls’ health and educational outcomes – pilot (2012)

Border posts efficiency analysis (2013)

Optimal Real Exchange Rate Determination and its effects on Competitiveness (2013)

Estimation of the VAT gap in Zambia (2016)

Recruiting and motivating community health workers: Measuring impact through a nationwide household survey (2016)

Social capital and large scale land investments: An experimental investigation in Central Zambia (2017)


Decentralisation of Government in Zambia: Baseline survey and a global comparative analysis of strategies and barriers to implementation 

Negotiating a better future: The impact of teaching negotiation skills on girls’ health and educational outcomes – Scale up

The impact of teacher pay on the quality, retention and productivity of teachers in Zambia 

Productivity in the civil service: understanding the impact of payroll reform on worker performance

The implications of nominal exchange rate movement for fiscal outcomes in Zambia

Understanding growth-income inequality interactions in Zambia, 1996-2010



The potential of non-traditional exports in Zambia in relation to growth, employment creation and the distribution of wealth and income (2012)

Developing Zambia’s Informal Sector and enhancing its Contribution to the Fiscus (2012)

Food constraints, yield uncertainty and “Ganyu” labour: A pilot investigation (2013)

Education and Training Scoping Study (2013)

An Enterprise Map of Zambia (2013)

Growth promotion through industrial strategies (2015)

Management quality, productivity and profitability in manufacturing firms in Zambia (2016)

Exports, imported intermediate inputs and exchange rate volatility in Zambia (2016)


Assessing sectoral inter-linkages: The case of agro-processing subsectors in Zambia

Formalisation of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) through taxation: The case of Zambia



Scoping Study on Urbanisation in Zambia (2014)

Promoting Job-rich Urbanisation in Zambia (2016)

Infrastructure, Incentives and Institutions (2016)

Household Characteristics and Elasticity of Demand for Water (2016)

Water Connections in Urban Zambia: Measuring the Private and Social Benefit of Water (2017)


Upgrading Sanitation in Informal Settlements in Lusaka

Growing Together: Trust, Spontaneous Clusters and Growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Cities

Maternal Mortality Risk and the Gender Gap in Desired Fertility



Contract and market design for land-based carbon offsets (2013)


Environmental Quality and Economic Development in Zambia: Filling the Data Gaps

Electricity Crisis in Zambia: Estimating the Costs of Unreliability on Firm Level

Facility-level Access to Electricity and the Efficiency of Maternal and Child Health Services

Willingness and Affordability to Pay for Improve Electricity Reliability in Zambia