India has a great amount of public data available online. Below, we list some of the key websites with brief descriptions of what each platform offers.

The Reserve Bank of India data warehouse

The Reserve Bank of India (Indian Central Bank) has rich tradition of publishing data on various aspects of the Indian Economy through several of its publications. In this website (DBIE), mainly macroeconomic data are presented through time-series formatted reports. These reports/datasets have been organized under sectors and sub-sectors according to their periodicities. Reports can be saved as excel sheets for further analysis.

The available datasets on the website include- 1) Real Sector Statistics including Agriculture, Industrial Statistics, National Income and prices/inflation statistics. 2)  Corporate Sector Statistics including Capital Structure Ratios, Liquidity Ratios and Assets Utilisation and Turnover Ratios statistics. 3) Financial Sector Statistics including banking assets and liabilities, Branch Banking Statistics, Sectoral Banking Statistics, Bank Performance Indicators, Monetary Statistics and Key rates. 4) Financial Market Statistics including Money market statistics, Government Securities Market, Forex Market and Capital Markets. 5) External Sector Statistics including External Debt, Forex Reserve, International Finance, International Trade and balance of Payments 6) Central Government Finance Statistics and State Government Finances Statistic and 7) Socio economic Indicators.


Microdata Archive by The Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

The Microdata Archive provides web based access to the complete metadata of over 125 surveys and censuses conducted under the National Sample Survey (NSS) programme, Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) and the Economic Census currently available with the Ministry of statistics and programme implementation. The metadata now provided in the archive includes, survey methodology, sampling procedures, questionnaires, instructions, survey reports, classifications, code directories etc. Importantly the archive provides all details of the data files that are disseminated to uses along with case summaries.

The available datasets include- 1) Annual Survey of Industries 2) Employment and Unemployment Surveys 3) Household Consumer Expenditure surveys 4) Enterprises Surveys 5) Land and Livestock holding Surveys and 6) Other surveys including debt and investment, housing, village facilities etc.

Open Database of Government of India

Over 10,500 data resources by 71 departments of the government of India.

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