Call for papers: Conference on structural transformation, growth, and economic development

STEG and the International Growth Centre (IGC) jointly invite applications for papers to present at the Conference on Structural Transformation, Growth, and Economic Development.

STEG’s third annual conference will be held on Thursday 2 February and Friday 3 February 2023, at the London School of Economics. This year’s conference is organised jointly with the International Growth Centre, in recognition of the overlapping communities and interest areas of the two programmes.

The conference will take place in-person, with presentations streamed to a broader external audience. In addition, STEG and the IGC will co-host an add-on workshop on 1 February 2023, jointly organised with the Private Sector Development Research Network (PSDRN), a research community curated by development finance institutions (DFIs). We also invite submissions for this workshop.

We invite submissions for this conference from interested researchers on broad systemic patterns and processes of structural transformation and growth for low- and middle-income countries. We welcome submissions that consider structural transformation, in a comparative sense across time or space, or on more narrowly defined topics related to one or more of the STEG research themes:

  • Data and measurement related to structural transformation
  • Firms, frictions and spillovers, and industrial policy
  • Labour, home production, and structural transformation
  • Agricultural productivity and sectoral gaps
  • Trade and spatial frictions
  • Political economy and public investment

We particularly welcome work that also intersects with one or more of the IGC research themes:

  • Internal barriers to firm growth and developing firm capabilities
  • Market function, linkages, inclusive labour market policies, and structural transformation
  • International and internal trade and trade policy
  • Rural-urban migration and resilient cities
  • Regulation and public investment

STEG and the IGC are also focused around three cross-cutting issues that are simultaneously relevant to many areas of structural transformation, including the research themes: gender, climate change and the environment, and inequality and inclusion. We particularly welcome papers that additionally address these issues. Papers targeting low-income economies in sub-Saharan Africa are of particular interest.

For the STEG/IGC/PSDRN workshop on Wednesday 1 February, we particularly welcome submissions that relate to investment frictions in less developed financial markets and/or submissions that relate to the macro-scale impacts of infrastructure investments and other large-scale private investments or technical assistance. The workshop will bring together academics with staffs from DFIs, who provide investment support and business solutions to accelerate structural transformation and sustainable growth in developing countries.

For both the Conference on Structural Transformation, Growth, and Economic Development and the STEG/IGC/PSDRN workshop, the objective is to add to the body of research and evidence that will inform policy in low-income countries; we consequently seek papers that have clear relevance to this goal.

The deadline for submission is Monday, 21 November 2022, 23:59 GMT. 

You can find out more about the conference and how to submit your paper here.