Ebola in Focus: Rapid Response Roundtable

In light of the recent and continuing outbreak of Ebola in West Africa the University of Edinburgh’s Global Development Academy hosted a Rapid Response Roundtable on Ebola.

Organised around the intersecting themes of biology, economy and culture, the panel featured a virologist, a social anthropologist, two health advisors, and Rachel Glennerster (IGC Lead Academic for Sierra Leone). They discussed their perspectives on current events and Ebola’s global fallout.

The Panel included

  • Rachel Glennerster (IGC Lead Academic for Sierra Leone)
  • Hannah Brown (Social Anthropologist, University of Durham)
  • Benjamin Neuman (Virologist, University of Reading)
  • Joan Wilson (Health Advisor, British Red Cross)
  • Dennis Kerr (Médecins Sans Frontières UK)

More details on this event are available here.