IGC Bihar Growth Conference 2011

The IGC Bihar Growth Conference is a unique event which brings together an eminent range of panelists from academia, government and the private sector. The conference comprised five main sessions and two special lecture series. The event agenda, conference report and press clippings are available on this page.

A new video introduces the work of the IGC in Bihar, northern India. Bihar is one of India’s poorest states, with half of its 100 million people living on less than a dollar a day. The five-minute video includes comments from Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi; IGC country co-director Shaibal Gupta; World Bank economist Vijayendra Rao; and IGC lead economist and LSE professor Maitreesh Ghatak. It was shot on location at the recent IGC-Bihar Growth Conference.

Featured audio/video



Education sector reforms in Bihar: the road ahead

1. Cycling to school: Increasing high school enrollment for girls in Bihar (Karthik Muralidharan and Nishith Prakash) 2. Education policies and practices: What have we learnt so far and the road ahead (Priya Ranjan and Nishith Prakash) 3. Privatization of child learning in rural India (Rohini Somanathan).

Fiscal policy and financial management in Bihar

1. Financial intermediation and economic development in the state of Bihar: A district-level analysis (Sanjay Banerji, Sushanta Mallick) 2. Inclusive development in Bihar: The role of fiscal policy (M. Govinda Rao) 3. Setting commercial tax targets for FY 2011-12: An experiment for the government of Bihar (Chirashree Das Gupta and Pronay Sarkar).

Health and rural development challenges and opportunities

1. A social observatory for JEEVika: A project of the Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society (Vijayendra Rao) 2. Innovations in the health sector of Karnataka (S. Selvakumar) 3. Women reservation in Bihar and childrens health (Santosh Kumar and Nishith Prakash).

Promoting agricultural growth in Bihar

1. Agriculture (Andrew Foster)
2. Evaluating the Kisan credit card scheme (Areendam Chanda).

Strengthening water resources management in Bihar

1. Are embankments a good flood control strategy? A case study of the Kosi River (E. Somanathan) 2. Ganges basin-wide assessment: Early findings (Claudia Sadoff and N. Harshadeep).

Special Lecture Series 1

1. Can entrepreneurship programs transform the economic lives of the poor? (Robin Burgess) 2. Motivating agents to spread information: The role of explicit incentives and social identity-matching (Maitreesh Ghatak and Sanchari Roy) 3. Piloting and evaluating e-PDS and cash transfer options for improved food security in Bihar (Karthik Muralidharan).

Special Lecture Series 2

1. Can affirmative action affect the target population? (Abhirup Sarkar).