Why are lending rates high in Uganda?

The Bank of Uganda and the International Growth Centre host an online policy seminar under the theme, “Why are Interest Rates High in Uganda?, commencing at 10.00am (East African Standard Time) on Monday, November 30, 2020.

Following a presentation on the determinants of interest rate spreads in the Uganda Banking System by Keith Jefferis, a high-level panel considers the recommendations for lowering lending rates.  The discussion covers the following areas:

  • How interest rate spreads and lending rates in Uganda compare to other African countries;
  • Factors that determine interest rate spreads and their impact;
  • Policy actions to reduce interest rate spreads;

The policy brief and report can be accessed here.

You can follow and participate in the webinar/seminar through BoU’s online platforms – FacebookYoutube and Twitter; and, a live stream on UBC TV.