5th Urbanization and Poverty Reduction Research Conference

Past Event Preston Auditorium, World Bank, 1818 H Street, N.W., Washington, DC 20433 7 Sep 2018 Cities and Cities that Work

Across the developing world, the growth of cities is outpacing effective policy. Low density land use results in rapidly expanding cities, raising the costs of infrastructure and service provision and limiting liveability and productivity. At the same time, limited investments in transport infrastructure such as roads limits the connectivity between individuals and opportunities that make cities engines for growth. Effective policy to address these challenges requires an understanding of the spatial organisation of cities, and how the distribution of private and public investments across a city affect economic growth.

The 5th Urbanization and Poverty Reduction Conference brings together academics and development practitioners to present and discuss questions relating to the spatial organisation of cities and economic growth. In particular, the conference focuses on effective land and transport policy in cities and the implications of urban development for national growth. This conference is hosted by the World Bank (Development Research Group), George Washington University (Institute for International Economic Policy), the International Monetary Fund, and the IGC.

For questions, please contact urbanizationconference@worldbank.org

The opening sessions of the conference will be livestreamed on the World Bank website.

Facebook live interview

In advance of the conference, the IGC was in conversation with Shanta Devarajan, Acting Chief Economist of the World Bank, at 4:30 pm BST, 7 September 2018. The interview was streamed live on our Facebook page.

Facebook Live interview with Shanta Devarajan Duration Video