Amman: An engine of economic growth

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Over the last 15 years, the population of Amman has more than doubled from around 1.94 million citizens to an estimated 4.2 million today. With ongoing population growth and urbanisation in Jordan this number will continue to rapidly increase in the forthcoming decades. Through increased density and the creation of productive clusters, this process offers the potential to stimulate economic growth as well as the threats of increased pressure on infrastructure and services. This leaves city planners and policymakers at a critical juncture, where inaction could obstruct growth, or where well-implemented, evidence-based policies have the potential to unlock a process of sustainable and inclusive development.

IGC, Columbia Global Centers - Amman, and the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) convene academic experts, policymakers, and practitioners to explore the economic and social challenges Amman faces as a fast-growing city, as well as the opportunities to leverage its potential as a growth pole for Jordan.


Astrid Haas – Cities that Work Manager, IGC

You can find the photos from the event here.

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