Ebola in Focus: Rapid Response Roundtable

Past Event Edinburgh, United Kingdom 10 Nov 2014

In light of the recent and continuing outbreak of Ebola in West Africa the University of Edinburgh's Global Development Academy hosted a Rapid Response Roundtable on Ebola.

Organised around the intersecting themes of biology, economy and culture, the panel featured a virologist, a social anthropologist, two health advisors, and Rachel Glennerster (IGC Lead Academic for Sierra Leone). They discussed their perspectives on current events and Ebola's global fallout.

The Panel included

  • Rachel Glennerster (IGC Lead Academic for Sierra Leone)
  • Hannah Brown (Social Anthropologist, University of Durham)
  • Benjamin Neuman (Virologist, University of Reading)
  • Joan Wilson (Health Advisor, British Red Cross)
  • Dennis Kerr (Médecins Sans Frontières UK)

More details on this event are available here.