Energy and education seminar

Past Event Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania 21 Jun 2017 Energy

IGC Tanzania hosted a seminar on 21 June in Dar Es Salaam which reported on the progress and results of recent research studies on the link between energy and education in Tanzania, and reviewed current policy challenges at the intersection of energy and education and generate ideas for steps forward.

The event was co-hosted with the President’s Office for Regional Administration and Local Governance (PO-RALG).

It brought together relevant government stakeholders, energy sector regulators and energy providers, researchers, NGOs, and development partners.

The seminar was centred around three noteworthy empirical studies that have examined the intersection of energy and education, focusing specifically on Tanzania. Two of these studies are IGC-funded studies on the potential impact of solar power on individual and household outcomes such as educational attainment, labour market participation, household spending and time use. Samuel Seo and Anna Ævarsdóttir presented respectively. The third presentation was by Ubongo, a Tanzania-based social enterprise, that has tried to assess the impact on pre-school kids of watching their educational cartoons. While Ubongo’s focus is on education, they can contribute to the discussions at the event based on the challenges they encounter when trying to screen their cartoons in rural areas with limited access to electricity. Each of the three studies cover different age groups/education levels (pre-school, primary, secondary).

The event concluded with a panel discussion with relevant government stakeholders and energy sector regulators.

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