Energy dissemination workshop

Past Event Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Energy

The event brings together relevant Government of Tanzania stakeholders, such as the energy sector regulator and energy providers, national and international researchers, NGOs active in the energy sector (Power Corner, National Gender and Sustainable Energy Network), and development partners. In addition to the project researchers (ESMI and World Resources Institute), participants include personnel from the implementing partners (Hivos and International Institute for Environment and Development – IIED), relevant line ministry (Energy and Minerals) and the IGC. The energy sector regulator and energy providers include the Rural Electrification Agency, Tanzania Traditional Energy Development Organization, Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology, Tanesco and EWURA.

The main aim of the workshop is to disseminate the findings of the ESMI and WRI-ran and IGC-funded project to evaluate and improve electricity supply in Tanzania, a country which suffers with constant blackouts and power deficits for both individual and commercial consumers alike. This takes a heavy toll on the daily life of people and constrains economic activities. The partner Prayas Energy Group presents a case study on a similar project rolled out in India. The event  also reviews current policy challenges and comes up with policy recommendations on the topic of improving energy supply quality and reliability, generating ideas for further research.

For more information about the event please email  Andre Castro at [email protected].