An Enterprise Map of Zambia - Book Launch

Past Event Lusaka, Zambia Firms

The Enterprise Map of Zambia was launched in Lusaka, Zambia on Tuesday 30th April 2013.

A pre-launch meeting was held at the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI) and provided an opportunity for the IGC to present and discuss in great detail the current industrial capabilities of the Zambian economy with policymakers. Alan Hirsch, Zambia Country Programme Director introduced the IGC and its work in this meeting which was chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the MCTI, Mr. Stephen Mwansa. In this meeting, John Sutton and Gillian Langmead presented the main findings and the methodology of the book.

After the presentations were made, discussions centered on the problems of financing new businesses, shortage of skilled and semi-skilled labour, and the perceived negative effects of liberalisation of the Zambian economy. It was identified that going forward, broadening the industrial base was the starting point for sustained economic growth.

Following the pre-launch meeting, a public book launch was held with Hon. Emmanuel Chenda, Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, attending as Guest of Honour. The public launch was well attended by senior Government officials, private sector leaders, interviewees of the enterprise survey and the media. John Sutton then presented the main findings of the survey on an enterprise map of Zambia with Gillian Langmead following up with a presentation of the survey methodology.

Launching the book on behalf of the Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, the Permanent Secretary, Stephen Mwansa thanked the authors of the book and commended the IGC for its work. Related to the presentation made earlier by John Sutton, the Minister’s speech in part read

…"Zambia is striving to have an economy with strong entrepreneurial capabilities, self-reliant and outward looking enterprises, where micro, small and medium enterprises and nationals take advantage of potential and available opportunities’’…

The Minister further indicated that the country’s strategic focus is to strengthen and widen the country’s manufacturing base with emphasis on backward and forward linkages in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors given the country’s wide resource base. He concluded by reiterating government commitment to creating an enabling business environment and providing investment information through the Zambia Development Agency, Central Statistical Office and other avenues such as this event organised by the IGC.

Following the declaration of 'An Enterprise Map of Zambia' officially launched, the Bank of Zambia Governor, Michael Gondwe expressed his gratitude and reiterated the relevance of the book. He also commended the authors for the excellent and timely book.