First ILO-CEPR-IGC-UNIGE Conference on labour markets in developing countries

Past Event ILO, Geneva From to Firms and Inclusive Growth

The conference provides a forum for high-quality work in labour and development economics and a platform for researchers and policy makers to exchange knowledge and to engage in policy discussions. The event brings together around 40 economists for a period of two days.

The Conference counts with the presentation of 9 papers from experts around the world. It also features two keynote talks by Michael Greenstone  (University of Chicago and CEPR) and Robert M. Townsend  (MIT and CEPR). A policy panel closes the event, with the participation of Pamhidzai H. Bamu Chipunza  (Africa Coordinator, Law Programme at WIEGO) and Michelle Leighton  (Chief of the Migrant Branch at ILO).

You can watch the video recordings of the keynote speeches and policy panel here and you may wish to listen to the audio recordings of the presentations here.

The 2019 CEPR/IGC/ILO/UNIGE Conference on Labour Markets in Developing Countries is held in Geneva on 9-10 May 2019 at the headquarters of the ILO. The Conference is jointly organised by CEPR, IGC, ILO and the Institute of Economics and Econometrics at the GSEM-University of Geneva.