Global leadership to support Africa’s response to COVID-19

Past Event COVID-19

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Our main policy guidance document for policymakers which was launched at the event can be found here.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the impact on lives and the global economy is increasing at an unprecedented speed and scale. So far, outbreaks have been predominantly addressed at national levels, as governments deal with critical threats to public health systems and domestic economies. However, the pandemic has also revealed the extent of our interconnectedness, with national responses having consequences on neighbouring countries and beyond.

Various international organisations, leaders, economists, and health experts have called for global coordinated action to respond to the evolving health and societal crisis wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic – including how to support African countries that are bracing for the worst. To ensure effective global support for the most vulnerable countries, committing resources to and coordinating fiscal, monetary, and anti-protectionist initiatives are needed.

In this webinar, speakers discuss the challenges facing African countries and lessons from the Ebola crisis, and explore how countries can best respond to the macro crisis caused by the collapse of natural resource prices and trade, capital flight, and disrupted global supply chains.

When: 15:30 - 17:00, Wednesday, 29 April