Green jobs as drivers of growth in African cities

Past Event Cities, Sustainable Growth and Cities that Work


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The rapid rate of urbanisation ongoing in developing countries presents a complex and urgent set of challenges for cities to accommodate future jobs, housing and other public services and infrastructure demands. Although cities have the potential to be economic hubs of productivity and prosperity, formal jobs in developing cities are scarce, partly due to the lack of industrialisation. In this ‘decade of action’ towards the attainment of UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, policymakers have to focus on promoting sustainable development policies whilst addressing existing challenges of slow economic growth, unemployment, informality and poverty, compounded by the global climate change crisis.

Ahead of World Cities Day, IGC hosts an online event that explores what key measures are needed to create more sustainable jobs in developing cities. The panellists also discuss how to connect local incentives and global objectives for climate action and reflect on key solutions to position developing cities on a green growth path, including through global green value chains.