Growth Week 2011

Past Event From 23 Sep 2011 to 20 Sep 2011 Inclusive Growth

Taking place from 19-21 September 2011 at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Growth Week 2011 brought together the IGC's international network of scholars, institutional partners and policy makers in partner countries in Africa and South Asia to report on recent developments and highlight the emerging policy questions in country contexts.

The formal sessions of Growth Week were a mixture of ten research themes focused on policy audiences (Agriculture, Climate Change, Environment and Natural Resources, Finance, Firm Capabilities, Governance, Accountability and Political Economy, Human Capital, Infrastructure and Urbanisation, Macroecononics, State Capabilities and Trade) and eleven country programme sessions (Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India Central and Bihar, Mozambique, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Zambia). The sessional framework was enveloped by space for networking and side-line meetings to discuss fresh ideas on the interface of research and policy. In the evenings, there were three public sessions, featuring a range of distinguished speakers.

All Growth Week 2011 sessions, including downloadable presentations and audio files, are available below.

Video: IGC Growth Week 2011 Duration Video