Growth Week 2014

Past Event London, UK From to Inclusive Growth

Growth Week is the International Growth Centre’s annual conference, which brings together our worldwide network of leading researchers and policy-makers. It is an exciting opportunity to meet and discuss key growth issues affecting developing countries. The conference consisted of:

  • Country sessions dedicated to each of our partner countries: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India (Bihar and Central), Liberia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.
  • Research programme sessions focused on the four main research themes of the IGC: State, Firms, Cities, and Energy.
  • Framework sessions which were intended to set out the agenda for research and the opportunities for impact across a range of cross-cutting topics relevant to many countries: Elite Capture and Political Economy, Cities, Transforming the Public Sector, Management Capacity and Productivity, Taxation and Development, and The Gains from Trade.

There were also four public lectures taking place from 6.30-8pm on the four evenings;

We tweeted live on the hashtag: #GrowthWeek

Film: Priorities for Sustainable Development Duration Video
Liberian Minister Axel Addy on the Ebola Epidemic Duration Video
Sustainable Development at #GrowthWeek Duration Video
Video: What is Growth Week? Duration Video
The Ebola Crisis: What can economists do? Duration Video