IGC and the Kampala Capital City Authority at the World Urban Forum

Past Event Kuala Lumpur From to Cities and Cities that Work


On the 9th February from 7-8pm (Kuala Lumpur time), the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)’s Executive Director Jennifer Musisi, one of the policy leaders of the IGC’s Cities that Work initiative, delivers the opening Urban Talk on municipal finances for UN-HABITAT’s World Urban Forum taking place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The discussion explores Kampala’s dramatic transformation through expanding municipal revenues, as well as further policy directions for rapidly growing cities.

Over the course of the Forum from the 7th – 13th February, Cities that Work are also involved in a number of other events:

  • Before the Urban Talk, on the 8th February at 6pm (Kuala Lumpur time) / 10am GMT, the IGC hosts a short live interview on Facebook between Dr Jennifer Musisi and Astrid Haas (Cities that Work Manager, IGC) where viewers are able to contribute with their own questions.
  • On the 8th February from 1-2pm, Cities that Work, in collaboration with the KCCA, hosts a workshop on urban land use and planning for prosperous cities. The event includes Dr Jennifer Musisi speaking to Kampala’s experiences in land policy and challenges ahead, and Astrid Haas leading structured discussions on challenges and opportunities in making the most of urban land.
  • On the 10th February from 9-11am, Astrid Haas participates in one of the World Urban Forum’s special sessions: Urban labs for urban extension and urban renewal.

Social media

  • WUF9 is promoted on social media under the hashtags #cities2030 #cities4all and #wuf9 #NewUrbanAgenda. Follow us on @The_IGC for updates from the event.
  • You can find photos of IGC at the World Urban Forum on our Flickr page.


Op-ed by Jennifer Musisi in CityMetric: Africa's time for urbanisation is now. Let us get it right.


In conversation with Jennifer Musisi at the World Urban Forum Duration Video